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WIC Week 2018

Shawmut Design and Construction held their annual breakfast on Monday morning to kick off WIC Week 2018. This year’s celebrations included a proclamation from Megan Costello, executive director of the Mayor’s Office of Women’s Advancement (on behalf of Mayor Marty Walsh), Lisa Brothers CEO of Nitsch Engineering, and our very own Boston Chapter President Carlie Biron. The event brought together over 150 members in Boston’s construction industry to discuss how women are a visible component of the industry and ways we can create more opportunities for these women.

Tuesday brought the Inspire Awards Luncheon organized by our partners, the Building Women in Construction Committee (BWiC) at AGC MA. The NAWIC Boston chapter helped with logistics at the event. Both the Boston and Greater Worcester Chapters were represented in the room of over 130 people (“mostly women with a few good men”) who came together to honor the award winners as well as those nominated for the first annual BWiC Inspire Awards. Lt. Governor Karyn Polito gave an inspiring speech during which she touched on her own family roots in construction and encouraged all of us to mentor and recruit more women and minorities into the construction industry. She also presented the WIC Week proclamation. Aurora Cammarata was a fabulously entertaining and inspiring MC of the awards honoring 4 Women in Construction:

BWiC Mentor of the Year: Jennifer Pinck, Pinck & Co., Inc.,

BWiC Emerging Leader of the Year: Jane Kaplan Peck, Owner at Kaplan Construction,

BWiC Rising Star of the Year: Carli Cabana, PM, Siena Construction,

BWiC Tradeswoman of the Year: I-Leika McLean, Local 1421 Building Wreckers Union.

All four women had fascinating stories of their journeys and the people who inspired them throughout. There may have been a few tears shed. It was truly energizing to be in a room full of such amazing construction related women. Kourtney Merzejewski wrapped up the event with an introduction to NAWIC and a summary of how we were celebrating WIC Week.

The Boston and Greater Worcester NAWIC chapters ended WIC week by giving back to those in need. Through Habitat for Humanity, NAWIC spent all day Saturday hammering, drilling sawing, and finishing off important work that will provide a home to several families. It was a great day of inspiration and fun!

All through the week, we collected donations for PACK. We will continue to collect donations until April, so if you attend our March Trivia event, remember to bring your donation. Or contact us and we’ll arrange for donations to be picked up.

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