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In 1953, 16 working women organized Women in Construction (WIC) of Fort Worth, Texas. These women wanted to create a support organization for women employed in the construction industry, a traditionally male-dominated work field. In 1955, WIC gained its national charter and became the National Association of Women in Construction. 

Since its founding, NAWIC has grown to a membership of 6,500 with more than 200 chapters in 47 U.S. states and in three Canadian provinces. In its over 50 years of service to its members, NAWIC has advanced the causes of all women in construction whose careers range from the skilled trades to architecture to business ownership. 

In 1963, the NAWIC Founders' Scholarship Foundation was established and, in the past five years alone, has awarded more than $250,000 in scholarships to male and female students pursuing construction-related studies.


NAWIC's commitment to education can be seen in a variety of different functions. In 1972, the NAWIC Education Foundation was created and now serves as an integral part of the Association as it strives to educate the general society about the importance of the construction industry. The Foundation sponsors the award-winning Block Kids contest, as well as the CAD/Design/Drafting competitions that are created to foster and promote construction as a viable career choice among young adults from the grade school to the high school level.

Boston Chapter #15 was founded on August 25th 1958



   1958/59        Gloria J. Salvo*

   1959/60        Maria Dellorfano Plante

   1960/61        Kathleen Moriarty

   1961/62        Celia Wojcicki Adams & Alice C. Brennan*

   1963/64        Gloria J. Salvo*

   1965/66        Mary A. Ryan*

   1966/68        Doris C. Reed Wheeler

   1968/70        Lillian L. Copeland*

   1970/72        Virginia M. Rogers

   1972/74        Dorothy Ceriani

   1974/76        Alice M. Nixon*

   1976/78        Theresa A. Beradino

   1978/80        Mary A. Johnson

   1980/82        Joan F. Keohane McNamara

   1982/84        Ruth W. Lumenti*

   1984/86        Anne M. Feher

   1986/88        Cecile Good

   1988/89        Donna Hardiman

   1989/90        Elizabeth Golden

   1990/91        Mary Gately

   1991/92        Sara Stafford


   1992/93        Mary Laisure

   1993/94        Mary Dow

   1994/95        Sue DiPesa

   1995/97        Michele Sdougas

   1997/98        Mary Ann Buras

   1998/99        Virginia D. Barrelle

   1999/00        Patricia E. Riley

   2000/01        Rose Conti

   2001/02        Kimberly A. Small

   2002/03        Rosemary Macero

   2003/04        Sharon Jozokos

   2004/05        Barbara Connolly

   2005/07        Amy MacDonough

   2007/09        Jennifer Weiss Donovan

   2009/10        Amy Blake Baldwin

   2010/12        Jamie Niedzolkowski

   2012/13        Susan Messier

   2014/15        Kourtney Thomas

   2016/17        Elizabeth von Goeler

   2018/19        Carlie Biron

   2019/20        Brittany Boilard


      2020/22        Jennifer DeAmicis

      2022/-          Melissa Sue Guertin

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