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2023 Scholarship Recipients:
Fatimah Wattar (Fisher Scholarship), Allison Maldonado Aldana (Amelia Phinney Scholarship), Christina Hodel (Ted Riley Scholarship), Vivian Vacharakrupt (Moriarty Scholarship)

2022 Scholarship Recipients:
Abigail Palmer (Fisher Scholarship), Gianna Fiore (Amelia Phinney Scholarship), Snigdha Rashinkar (Ted Riley Scholarship), Lily Tilton (Moriarty Scholarship)

2021 Scholarship Recipients:
Abigail Palmer (Fisher Scholarship), Alexandra Pina (Amelia Phinney Scholarship), Sarah Chaffee (Ted Riley Scholarship), Connor Maguire (Moriarty Scholarship)

Thank you to all our scholarship sponsors throughout the years!

We appreciate your continued support!

Applications Due by March 31, 2024

2020 Scholarship Recipients:

Allison Maldonado Aldana (Kathleen Moriarty Scholarship), Julia Ann Gravano (Janal Fisher Scholarship), Alexandra Pina (NAWIC Boston Scholarship), Sofia Isabella Savoca (Ted Riley Scholarship)

2019 Scholarship Recipients:

Amanda Pia Siciliano (Kathleen Moriarty Scholarship), Sarah Williamson (NAWIC Boston Scholarship), Tyler Kleinsasser (Ted Riley Scholarship), Lauren Donovan (Janal Fisher Scholarship)


2018 Scholarship Recipients:

Lauren Donovan, Dianjenis Abreu, Julia Gravano, Lenira Andrade.

2016 Scholarship Recipients:

Tatiana Kiss-Coviello (Ted Riley Scholarship), Sariya Peng, Leyna Lenore Tobey

2015 Scholarship Recipients:

Jingwei Hu, Lenya Tobey, Christie Poole, Kristin Frisbie (Ted Riley Memorial Scholarship)

2014 Scholarship Recipients:
Katherine Dougherty (Ted Riley Scholarship), Rosa Angelica Manzo (Kathleen Moriarty President's Scholarship Fund), Rebecca Evelyn Read, Jamie Lee Grome.

The National Association of Women in Construction believes that it is their responsibility to enhance the success of women in the construction industry, to reach out to its members as well as the community to educate and to expose young people to exciting careers in construction. We’re pleased to report that from 1973 to 2023 the Boston Chapter has awarded 163 scholarships totaling $206,200 to worthy recipients in construction related programs.

Annually, scholarship applications are sent to local vocational high schools as well as colleges that offer construction related programs. Applicants must be pursuing an education and career in a construction related field. Programs may include architecture, construction management, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, etc. We consider high school seniors and those already enrolled full time and we encourage those who have received awards in the past to reapply in future years. 

The Board of Directors determines the amount of scholarship funds to be awarded and it is the committee’s job to review the applications and select the recipients. Applications are due back to the Scholarship Committee Chairperson annually, in March. The committee will decide, based on the number of qualified applicants how much to award each recipient. Typically the recipients and their guest are invited to our June business / dinner meeting for the presentation of scholarships.

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