Summer Event Styled By Gilda!

What a fun event! Between Kim's signature bubbly drink and so many old and new friends coming together this was the perfect setting to talk about our wardrobes. Gilda came with a beautiful sample closet and tons of good advice for all of us. She reminded us that a good first impression is essential when you first meet a person. Clothing can help with that. Gilda urged us to think of how we want to portray ourselves. Trustworthy! Smart! Responsible! These were some of our answers that lead to the questions of: Are we portraying that now? How can we achieve it?

Gilda has helped a lot of different clients. Having worked with such a diverse group of people, she was able to give us a few specific tips for our own work wardrobe. It's a wardrobe that can go from office to a night out in the city with friends.

Some of the key pieces she recommended were:

1. A nice white button down shirt.

2. Black pants that fit well.

3. A nice simple blazer.

4. A trench coat.

5. A little black dress.