Spotlight On…Dianjenis Abreu, Moriarty Scholarship Recipient

Meet Dianjenis Abreu, recipient of the Moriarty Scholarship. Get to know Dianjenis…

Name: Dianjenis Abreu

Hometown: Lynn, MA

School: Graduated from Lynn Classical High School and will be attending Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Hobbies: I love reading, spending time with my friends and family, and I catch myself, many times, binge watching shows on Netflix (my favorites are The Office and Friends!).

Favorite Food: I'm Hispanic so any food from any Hispanic/Latin country is basically my favorite.

Fun Fact About You: One fun fact about me and probably one of my favorites is that I am, ethnically, half Puerto Rican and half Dominican. I am so proud to be both and to be able to speak my parents native language, Spanish!

Favorite Quote: "There was a whole magnificent soul burning brightly behind her shy" -Atticus

What is your dream job/career: I'm still not entirely sure what my dream career or job is but I do know that I want to help people. My goal is to find a way to do that through my ECE major and through my years at WPI!

Why/inspiration for your dr