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Check out these articles published in The Professional Contractor Magazine, Spring 2017 issue!

The article "The Journey & Success of Women in Construction" by Joe Kourieh features three of our wonderful NAWIC Boston Members: Kourtney Mierzejewski, Rose Conti and Kimberly Small. They have shared some of their personal experiences being women in construction and what they hope for the future. See what these ladies had to say HERE.

One of our newest NAWIC Boston Members Maureen Flynn writes her own article on this issue as well. She presents "3D Documentation Technology in the Construction Industry". Maureen explains to us the growth of laser scanning in the construction world. She shares "The benefits and value of BIM/VDC are not limited to just the design and construction phase. At project delivery, the detailed model of the building is provided to the owner as a tool for continued use in facilities, asset and property management." Read all of Maureen's article HERE.

Page 17 Includes Kourtney's comments.

Pages 18 and 19 include Rose's & Kim's comments.

Pages 20 and 21 include Maureen's "3D Technology in the Construction Industry" article.

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