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New Year's Social 2017

The New Years social is one of our best events and most popular ones. We have partnered up with ASPE (American Society of Professional Estimators) on the last years for this event and it has been very successful. A lot of networking opportunities, a lot of old friends reconnecting with each other and lots of new friendships developing. The event's atmosphere is always like a party full of loud laughter and delicious food. It's also where you get to talk and laugh at work related things with people who also share the same dreams or the same funny work stories since we are all in the construction business, people there just totally "get" what you are talking about and they might most likely know a friend of a friend from your work. This was actually the first NAWIC event I ever attended two years ago and this event introduced me to a whole new world of wonderful successful women that I am pleased to work with today. If anyone is thinking about joining NAWIC this is definitely one of my suggested events to attend. Happens every January, make sure to never miss out!!


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