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NEW2NAWIC: Spotlight on Tammy Robbins!

Connect with Tammy!

After recommendations from her current company, American Contractors Corp, Tammy Robbins joined NAWIC to extend her network and to continue to learn as much as she can. As a new member, Tammy Robbins instantly jumped into joining our membership committee offering many exciting new ideas!

Tammy works as an A&D Rep for American Contractors Corp. If you haven't seen their work before, check them out. They do some cool work! American Contractors Corp is a New England subcontractor that specializes in acoustical ceilings and walls, custom architectural metals and Barrisol® stretch ceilings ( Her hope is that she can make the environmentally friendly Barrisol® Stretch ceiling and wall systems as popular in New England as it is in the rest of the world. Tammy graduated from UMass Amherst. Her first job was an office manager at a packaging company. When not spreading the word about ceiling and wall systems, Tammy enjoys spending time with her Husband and two daughters. She enjoys music and exercise. Both great ways to relax! She plans to fit lots of traveling into her schedule this year, which will likely involve some hiking, golfing, and bar hopping. Her main goal for this year is to have fun. Hopefully some NAWIC fun! Keep a look out for Tammy at our next event her lively personality and humor is contagious! In the meantime, take a look at American Contractor Corps!

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