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City ponders how to boost hiring of certain groups in construction industry

After years of disappointing results from an ordinance intended to increase the hiring of Boston residents, women, and minorities to construction jobs, the city of Boston is eyeing changes to make it more effective.

“We’re in the middle of a major building boom in Boston, so we want to make sure we’re creating opportunities for everyone to be included in that,” said Karilyn Crockett, the city’s director of economic policy and research.

“There’s work to do on all of these construction projects to ensure we’re providing on-ramps for residents, women, and people of color to get jobs,” she added.

A 37-year-old city ordinance, called the Boston Residents Jobs Policy, requires construction companies to demonstrate good faith efforts to guarantee that 50 percent of all hours worked go to Boston residents, 25 percent go to minorities, and 10 percent go to women. The companies must report their performance to the city.

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